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Customisable permissions for your window management software

Oct 5, 2022

Do you have a team of people working for your window business?

Although everyone in the company may need to access to certain information about enquiries or orders, it is likely that they don’t all need access to everything.

For example, someone working in production, manufacturing a window, will need very different information to your accounts department or senior management.

GDPR legislation also makes it increasingly important to protect your customers’ data.  One of the easier ways help reduce the risk and to comply with this legislation is to ensure that employees only have access to the information that they need to do their jobs.  This is one of the many things that integrate can help with.

integrate User List

Choose exactly what software permissions each user has

integrate enables you to choose exactly what everyone in the team has access to.  This means you can limit who has permission to view certain information or who can make changes, such as editing email templates, within the window management software.

You can also change the permissions for multiple team members at the same time or add new team members more quickly, saving you time from re-entering the same permissions.

If you have an installation team, you can set up permissions to only allow the window installer to access the jobs that they are working on, while the installation manager can access information about all the orders.

integrate user group permissions

Sometimes one person may work across multiple teams meaning they may need both sets of permissions.  Rather than setting up a separate group just for them, integrate allows you to add users to multiple groups so that software permissions can be adjusted quicker.

With each section of integrate having their own permission checkboxes, groups of users can simply be ticked in by the administrator within the company to enable or disable access to any area of integrate.

You are also not restricted on the number of groups you can create, meaning that the permissions can be set up in the best way to suit your business.

Setting up permissions on integrate window joinery software

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