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Display your U-values on quotations

May 19, 2022

In recent years, both homeowners and the commercial market have become increasingly aware about the importance of energy efficiency and reducing heat loss.  As a result, you may be finding that more customers are asking you about the thermal efficiency ratings of your windows, and how these compare to the competition.

Although you may have tested your windows for thermal efficiency and have accredited U-value calculations, unless you can communicate these clearly to customers you could end up losing orders to the competition.

We are therefore delighted to offer all users of integrate the opportunity to display details of their product’s U-values directly on quotations, enabling users to provide their customers with this information upfront.

Window Performance Report
The new U-values performance report configurator

U-values are a simple and effective way to communicate how energy efficient your window is, this enables your customers to easily see the thermal benefits of your product and to compare your windows with others.

This new feature has been a highly requested feature by our existing customers.  At EndtoEnd IT, we are proud to work with our customers to provide them with the software that the need to grow the profitability and efficiency of their window businesses.

As part of this, we believe that it is important to listen to our customers’ suggestions for future developments and work hard to continue to update integrate to ensure that we offer the best software solution for business owners of window and door companies.

U-value rules
Setting up your rules for U-values

How does the new U-value feature work?

The new U-value feature on integrate allows customers to upload data from thermal efficiency tests that have been conducted and then to apply rules to select the window specifications that the test results apply to.

This means that when you draw and quote for a matching window on integrate’s drawing board, the u-value will be applied automatically, saving you time from having to manually check and add the U-value.

If the customer’s requirements change, resulting in a different window design that no longer matches the U-value specification, the U-value will automatically be removed or updated.  By doing this automatically, and not requiring the user to manually remember to change it, integrate removes the chances of costly mistakes being made.

Casement window U-value software
The U-value is automatically calculated in the drawing board when creating your quote

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