Helping you grow your business

integrate is designed to help small and medium window and door business directors grow their business as efficiently as possible. As such we are always adding new features to integrate to help you increase profitability and business efficiency, while still providing an excellent service to your customers.

Window quotation software
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Cloud Based Window Software

From the start, integrate was designed to work on the cloud. The software is designed to be used from any location with internet, meaning that it is easier to use than software that has had to be adapted to allow you to work remotely. integrate operates in a web browser, meaning that you just need the website link and your unique login details and you can access the software from any device.



Create different teams

Create new users and set up different access levels for each team, ensuring everyone has the access they need and allowing you to set up new users in minutes.

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Web lead integration

Link the enquiry form on your website directly with integrate, helping speed up the adding of leads and ensuring that new leads are not missed by mistake.


Email templates

Create as many email templates as you like to quickly send a ‘standard’ email to a customer, without having to write it out each time!

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Management reports

Access to lead, sales, production and installation reports directly in integrate.  See how the business is performing and the work you are likely to have coming in in the future.

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Collated correspondence

Keep a log of everything from attempted phone calls, to sending quotes and invoices assigned to the specific customer so it can be accessed instantly.

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Google Maps integration

See where an enquiry is located and even view the street view setting to see what the property looks like before you arrive on site to quote.
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Task manager

Easily assign and keep track of your own and your team’s to do lists, making sure that items are actioned promptly.



Check who is visiting what customer on which day and immediately see who is on holiday when.

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Drawing board

Draw and design new windows and doors directly in integrate.

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Create quotes quickly in integrate using price files that you can edit and adjust as required.


Track products throughout production

Keep track of where items are within the manufacturing process and monitor when jobs are likely to be ready to install.


Installer interface

Providing all the access that an installer needs directly on site, keeping them connected to everyone in the office and able to instantly request any additional materials required.

Ongoing Support and Training

As we are constantly improving and adding to the functionality of integrate, we understand that it is important that you are provided with ongoing support and training to help you use the software to the full.

When you originally sign up for EndtoEnd’s integrate software, you will be provided with training to help you learn how to use the system.

Once you have had the initial training and started using integrate, we have a support team who are available to assist with any queries or problems that you have and will always aim to get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to request a specific time for us to contact you back, you can book a support slot with our team.

We also run monthly webinar training sessions where we cover the latest updates and features that we have released so you can ensure that you are up to date with the latest releases and using integrate to the full. This can be attended by any employee as well as anyone interested in finding out more about integrate and is a chance to ask any burning questions that you may have (about integrate!). Click here to register for our next webinar.

To discover more about integrate, get in touch today!