integrate now works seamlessly with Googlemail, contacts and calendar

Feb 2, 2018

integrate now works seamlessly with Google mail, contacts and calendar. However, by using our customer management software (often called a CRM system) you can now find them all in one place, from anywhere. It means you can use our windows and doors design software, our customer management software or our automated quotation software without having to change email or IT providers.

But if you are sticking with the same email, contacts and calendar system why do you need integrate? The difference is the whole team can see each others inputs – as long as they are linked to a customer.

This means if one person in your office engages in email correspondence with a customer, another member of staff can see this exchange even if the member of staff who originally dealt with the customer is out of the office. By linking conversations and appointments to customers other emails remain private.

It improves efficiency between staff while also enabling appointments to be made faster with customers.

The best part? No more endless paperwork. As all correspondence, notes, appointments and quotations are stored in one place that can be accessed anywhere lengthy files of paperwork become redundant.

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