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Sep 1, 2020

Our joinery manufacturing software is designed to make life easier for those working in the timber windows and doors industry. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? So in this blog post we talk to two clients about EndtoEnd IT’s integrate software and how we’ve helped them to develop their businesses.

Kingsrock Joinery create bespoke, high quality joinery products for residential, commercial and conservation clients. Director, Jeremy Murphy tells us how EndtoEnd IT have helped his business:

Since working with EndtoEnd I’m delighted to say we’ve been able to grow and therefore create more jobs. The technology frees up my time and makes the services we offer more professional. You’re not just buying a software package “off the peg” then left to get on with it, you also have a team of IT experts supporting you, we can contact them about how the system might help with problems in our business and their response is always really positive.

I’m yet to be told “no”. This way of working means the software fits our working style, making life easier. Prior to using EndtoEnd we would send customers quotes only to receive feedback with a lot of questions, or customers simply wouldn’t understand it. So we requested bigger drawings to go alongside the quotes and this means customers now receive a really good schedule of works with easy to understand designs that are nicely presented.

 Of course, it’s not just about the quote looking good, we work with a lot of builders and the quotes we provide using the EndtoEnd software mean these now feature a lot of detail and include specific dimensions. The software has made communication between the architect, building contractor and Kingsrock clearer so our processes are quicker now. 

 I believe the key to selling is demonstration, not hard-sales talk, and EndtoEnd allows me and our company to look more professional. After sending a quote I can take a sample window out to a customer confident I know what they need. I like working in this way. We can prepare quotes for our customers large and small quite quickly – all with really detailed designs. It puts us at an advantage with competitors because customers can really visualise what we can provide.

 My team and I are passionate about getting things right and the EndtoEndIT software has allowed us to save time by preparing a comprehensive quotation that is easy to understand and very well presented which is key to our business.

Jeremy Murphy an EndtoEnd IT customer
Jeremy Murphy. Director KingsRock Joinery.

Jake North, Manager SJB Sash Windows Specialist:

SJB Sash Windows Specialist are one of London’s leading installers of sash windows. Manager, Jake, explains how our software has helped them grow:

We’re a family run business and growing is really important to us. My role means I have a part to play in every aspect of the business from getting quotes out to installation planning and the EndtoEnd software means I have everything I need available to me at the click of a button. There’s no more missing the odd email or chasing up progress with colleagues. Being able to view estimated install dates and upload photos are features that are especially useful in order to help clients.

 The system helps us all stay on top of things and maintain the professionalism that has got us to where we are today – the task manager means every job is broken down into a series of tasks for each team member and helps everyone stay productive.

 When we first started using EndtoEnd software there were only two of us in the office. The introduction of the new software made it feel as though  we had a third member of the team!  However, this in turn means we’ve created jobs as we could be more efficient and profitable –  there’s now four of us in the office but it feels like more as we’re all using the software.

 It’s great to be able to choose who has access to which parts of the system. For example, myself and the business’ Director have access to everything but the Sales team only require access to the survey element. We’ve found it so useful we are now in the process of buying tablets so installers can use the system too.

 EndtoEnd have eliminated the need for constant scanning and filing of paperwork and eliminated the possibility of any mistakes being made. We didn’t have many previously but the confidence it’s given us means we can focus on growing our business and doing what we do best – manufacturing and fitting traditional sash timber windows and doors!

Jake SJB Sash Specialist Happy Customer
Jake North SJB Sash Windows Specialist

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