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Improve business efficiency with integrate’s Google Maps integration

Feb 6, 2023

Along with automating common tasks, having everything that you need in central location is a big part of how we, at EndtoEnd IT, help window businesses improve their productivity.

Google Maps and Google Street View can help you plan your journey and even provide a rough budget quotation to customers.

However, transferring information from your CRM system to Google takes time and can become confusing when looking at multiple jobs and switching backwards and forwards between different applications.

This is where EndtoEnd IT’s integrate can help.  With our Google Maps integration, integrate can provide all the information you need in one place.

integrate window enquiry list and map

Monitor the locations of your new enquiries

integrate’s lead list allows you to quickly and easily view the locations of all the new enquiries for any specific timeframe, with each new enquiry marked by a pin.

This enables you to quickly see if there is any specific location receiving more enquiries than another.

You can then use this information to decide how to assign new enquiries or to monitor the success of any local marketing.

Plan your day

Use the map to plan your day, using it to see the location of your different jobs so you can book jobs in a logical way to reduce time spent traveling and improve efficiency.

The map is interactive, allowing you to click on the pin to see where each job is located.  You can then choose to open the enquiry or open a more detailed map showing exactly where the property is located.

This allows you to plan your day traveling to nearby jobs on the same day.

The route planner automatically shows the journey from your office (or the location you select as the starting point on your system) to the property allowing you to see exactly how long the journey is expected to take, without having to copy and paste information across to Google Maps.

maps integrate calendar view

Check parking

The integrated Google Street View allows you to instantly view the road the property is located and see whether there is off road parking available.

With just one click you can view outside the property and work out whether a parking bay needs to be suspended when carrying out the work or where you may want to park when visiting to provide a quotation.

Provide budget quotes

The Street View integration also enables you to provide rough budget prices to customers on the phone without visiting the property.

If a customer is just after a rough idea on price, you can pre-qualify the lead by providing a budget price.  integrate enables you to view the front of the property from within the enquiry.  This means you can quickly view the building while speaking to the customer without requiring them to wait while you search for their property and go onto Street View.

integrate lead street view and map

EndtoEnd IT’s integrate

The Google Maps and Street View integration is just one of the many ways that integrate helps to improve the productivity of your business.

Included as part of our integrateCRM module, the Google Maps and Street View integration won’t cost you anything extra.  If you choose not to opt for the integrateCRM module, it can also be added to the integrateCORE or integrateFIT modules as an additional extra.

One of our customers, Jeremy Murphy from KingsRock Joinery, commented:

“We use EndtoEnd IT’s integrate for estimating our enquiries and we love the way that we can view in an instant where our enquiries come from, as every job is listed on the map. We can click on the flag and up pops the job folder with all the job information.

EndtoEnd IT are very supportive, and their software is the best on the market in my opinion.”

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