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Improving Health and Safety for Window Installers On-Site

Aug 4, 2022

Health and safety is incredibly important to any business. However, as window installation companies will know, site safety can vary from location to location.

For companies with teams of installers, staying on top of any safety issues on site can be time consuming.  There is also a risk that a safety issue may be forgotten to be reported by an installer, who may decide to try and do the job even if it is unsafe.

With the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) looking to focus specifically on building safety in the next year (source), now is the time to ensure that you are fully on top of all safety issues that can occur on site.

But how do you keep on top of everything without employing someone to personally visit or call every installer to check site safety?  At EndtoEnd IT we have the answer!

We have recently released a new feature within our software, integrate, to help window companies resolve this exact problem.

EndtoEnd IT integrate window company software

On-Site Health and Safety Form

Users of integrateFIT, our fitter module for window installation companies, can now create a personalised health and safety form for installers to confirm that the site is safe and that they don’t require any additional PPE to do their job.

The form can be personalised to your company’s individual requirements, and you can add as many questions as you need.  You can choose how installers answer questions, with options such as checkboxes, dropdowns, yes or no and text box fields for more open questions.

Once the form has been designed to meet the company’s requirements in the form editor, this can then be saved and made live to enable the installers to complete the form for each installation.

Health and safety form integrate

When an installer arrives on site, they can access a tab called ‘form’ within the job they are working on.  This then allows them to respond to the questions on the form, confirming whether the site is safe.

When they have completed the form, their responses are stored against the job.  The responses can then be viewed by management within the job record or on the installation dashboard.  This means that management can quickly and instantly review which installers have completed the form and any safety concerns that they have reported.

With the installation dashboard showing a quick overview of each job being carried out that day, safety issues can be addressed quickly.

The installation dashboard also shows the most recent photos that have been uploaded to each of the current jobs.  This means that any photos taken by the installers can be instantly accessed, enabling office employees to see the safety issue and assess the situation without having to visit the site in person.

The information provided in the dashboard therefore allows you to ensure that work can be completed in a safe and efficient manner without unnecessary delays to jobs while any issues are assessed and sorted.

health and safety responses

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