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Let’s bust timber window frame myths and get more customers!

Jan 13, 2021

Smaller firms in the windows industry are often frustrated by bigger companies’ claims that uPVC windows are best. Have you heard the radio advert that claims wooden window frames will rot and are less thermally efficient? Did you even realise there’s a common misconception that wooden window frames are a less reliable option? It’s important to contradict these claims wherever possible. You might understand the value of timber windows and doors, but does your target market? Here are five common myths and how to bust them.

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Wooden window frames will rot

Many people believe rotting window frames is a given if you opt for wood. They don’t realise that the timber used now is engineered to make it long lasting and hard wearing. If you use Accoya in your workshop then they have an above ground 50 year guarantee, so this might be worth mentioning in your promotional material. You should also create some social media content that shows just how durable treated timber is. For example,  acetylated timber is so durable it has been used in a penguin enclosure in Hull, even when wet everyday: A perfect example of why your timber window frames can withstand our British weather.

You can’t have double glazing in wooden frames

Many people believe you only have the option to have a single glazed window if you use wooden frames. This is probably just a misconception born from people seeing wooden window frames in old houses which haven’t been replaced for decades and were built before double glazing became popular. You can quickly and easily dispel this myth by ensuring you describe your windows as double-glazed on social media and in your marketing material.

Timber windows are less secure

This is an easy myth to bust – after all, security is about the locks and glass you use on your windows, not the material they are made from. Make sure you share information about the locks and glass you use on your products and perhaps have some examples in your showroom.

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Your house will be colder

Again, because people are used to walking round cold stately homes at weekends and seeing wooden windows and doors, they assume using wood in their own home will be less thermally efficient. However, modern treated timber actually offers a thermal insulation that is superior to its uPVC counterparts – but when was the last time you promoted this fact? Don’t forget to also point out that treated timber has a very low risk of shrinkage, swelling, jamming or insect and fungi damage. A great way to promote the thermal efficiency of your products is to ask a customer if they have noticed a difference. Perhaps they put the heating on less now? If so, ask them for a testimonial and share it online.

They are too expensive

As timber windows and doors can be more expensive than PVCu many people choose the cheaper option without considering all factors. For example, now that wooden windows and doors actually last longer, are more durable and keep in more heat the additional cost may actually mean a customer spends less in the long run. They won’t need to replace their windows and doors as quickly and they’ll save money on their heating bills.

Further evidence that timber windows can have a lower whole life cost and last longer can be found in a report by Heriot Watt University. The full report comparing whole life costs and life cycles can be found here.

It’s worth pointing this out to people on your social media over and over again – don’t assume because you’ve posted about it once that all your potential customers have seen it.

You know the value of using high-quality wood and joiners with expertise and passion for what they do – now it’s time to share that knowledge! If you’ve found this helpful, please share it and tag us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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