Making the most of the boom in home improvement

Sep 29, 2020

In these turbulent times, it’s easy to have a negative outlook. But when it comes to running a business, resilience is key. Not only have some of our clients managed to keep their windows and doors business going despite a period of lockdown, many have actually thrived this year. Thanks to our easy to use window and door software, they’ve been able to take advantage of the surge in interest for home-improvement, safely sending out new quotes and selling more timber windows and doors.

So how exactly is something as simple as a piece of software helping businesses to grow?

Our integrateCRM module allows a whole team to access everything from anywhere. This has been crucial during 2020, as some team members work from home due to childcare or to allow social distancing within headquarters. There’s no more paperwork left in the office – or anywhere.

Our system means everything, from emails, to quotes, to phone call notes and photos is accessible from a computer or tablet.

Access can be set differently for different team members, which means if, for example, part of a team only needs access to customer surveys, our programme will ensure that is all they can view and edit. Training is provided for all new customers as well as on-going support and advice, so even that person who always says “I’m more of a paper and pen person” will be converted.

joinery manufacturing software

This isn’t just a solution for an office team though. There is a powerful, parametric window designer available too (part of our integrateCORE module). This means no matter how bespoke the joinery, with just a few measurements you can have a detailed design on the screen in front of you. This is great if you’re taking enquiries from home or by email but it also looks really impressive if you are on site with a customer.

The manufacturing details can be seen on-screen in the factory with comprehensive production outputs provided: timber cutting lists and bills of material, loose materials, trims, architraves, calculated glass sizes, ordering sheets, spring and lead bar sizes and order forms for sash windows.

When lockdown came into force on March 23rd we started hosting a series of webinars which have been hugely popular. If you’re already a client and are attending the webinar, you can use this time to ask questions, check you’re using the software in the most efficient way, and make suggestions. If you’re not, it’s a great opportunity to hear from current clients, see our programmes in action and it’s a great networking opportunity too! Register for our next webinar today!

It’s also where we first share any new features of the software – as we’re always developing. Recent new features include the option to switch between Ironmongery ranges and a “Web API” which enables customer details and uploaded files to be transferred directly into integrateCRM without any re-keying from you.

Gareth EndtoEnd IT webinar

Over on social media, we often share tips and tricks to help you grow your audience and get seen by more of your target market. Why are we doing this? We’re passionate about the timber windows and doors industry and as quite a niche sector we feel it’s important we help the industry as a whole grow and develop.

Our integratePRO module has also eliminated manual timesheets. This saves time, money and causes less disruption. Product barcodes are simply scanned when operations in the workshop are performed and completed. This allows an automatic record of who worked on which orders (and for how long), as well as what is still outstanding, to be created.

Our demonstrations last under an hour and you’ve never had to come to us or host us – even before the pandemic. That’s why we’re the remote working experts in the industry – we’d noticed these things were necessary in modern life and in order to see the windows and doors sector develop. We simply share screens on a video call and talk you through the parts of the software relevant to you.

Not sure where you would even want to start? No problem, we’re used to that. By the end of the call you’ll be able to clearly see how the software can help your business – and you’ll be able to choose between taking the entire package or cherry-picking what’s right for you. There isn’t even any back and forth to book your slot – just click ‘book demo’ on our website and choose a date and time that is convenient for you!

Don’t worry – you will be talking to an actual human at the meeting! Day to day support for you and your team members is also available either over the phone or online. Again, you can book a support time-slot on our website when you want to speak to us, saving you time.

EndtoEnd IT integrate software

Clients consistently report an increase in profits after they start using our software. Many describe it as though they’ve employed more people to help keep the business productive. All of our clients say the software “pays for itself” when you look at how it has helped their businesses grow. We’re really excited to take everyone in the windows and doors industry to the next level, so contact me, Gareth, to get started.

To discover more about integrate, get in touch today!