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Monitor the success of your business against KPIs

Nov 8, 2022

integrate provides quick and easy access to several key management reports, helping you to monitor the success of your business against your KPIs.

The reports in integrate aim to make life even easier for business managers of window and door companies, providing all the information needed, updated instantly at a click of a button.  Data can be viewed in various formats to display the information most relevant to you.

The range reports on integrate include lead analysis, user reports, sales reports, order analysis, manufacturing reports and installation reports. Below we look at just some of the many automated reports that you can generate in integrate…

Lead reports

The lead overview report allows you to view the number of leads received over the year and the percentage of them that were lost.  The report allows you to see how this compares to the percentage lost in previous years enabling you to ensure the leads you are adding are of a good quality.

You can also quickly view the number of leads by source, method of contact, sector, type, status or who they have been assigned to allowing you to easily see information such as what sources are bringing in the most enquiries to the business.

Lead numbers can also be viewed by the first part of the postcode, enabling you to view the postcode areas that received the most enquiries in any given time period.

Sales User Report Window Company

User reports

Instantly view and compare the number of appointments arranged, correspondence or photo uploads in the user reports.  Data is displayed in a table, with colour coding from green (for those meeting or exceeding targets) through to red (for those not meeting targets).

For appointments, visits are also broken down into sales visits, survey visits, and site visits and can be viewed by day, week, month, or year.

The correspondence report can be viewed for any date range required and can also be split out to show the different types of correspondence such as email or phone calls.

The photo upload report shows the uploads over the last 12 months, with the ratio of orders that have photos uploaded shown in a table and in a graph for easy viewing.

Quote reports

The quote reports allow you to easily see the time between the initial sales visit and the first quotation being published, allowing you to monitor that customers are receiving quotes promptly.

You can also use the quote reports to forecast what work you expect to have coming in over the next few months for each salesperson by analysing the quotes they currently have out with customers.

The reports also enable management to view the number of quotes each salesperson is producing and their win ratio, showing the percentage of leads that converted into orders.

Joinery Production Report

Production reports

The production reports enable production management to analyse and compare the performance of each team on any given day, week, month, or year. Data is displayed both in figures and with simple to understand traffic light colour ratings from good (green) to needs improvement (red).

The reports also enable you to see factory loading so you can see where items are taking longer and compare the estimated time to the actual time that it took for the item to be manufactured.  This helps you to learn where issues may be arising and to help you predict the estimated time as accurately as possible to ensure more accurate pricing going forwards.

The production report also enables the production management team to assess the glass and timber usage.

Joinery Order Book

Order book report

The order book report allows you to instantly see what jobs are currently on hold, awaiting planning permission or on the installation board for any given month.

The report also shows the value and number of items currently at each stage of the process so you can see how much still needs to be allocated to a surveyor, surveyed, cross checked or processed for manufacturing.

You can also choose whether to include all the work in your pipeline or just jobs for a section of your orders, such as the domestic customers.

Installation reports

The installation report allows you to instantly see the value of the jobs installed in any given time period.

This report enables you to view the man days, number of items, postcode, and value of each job you are installing.  You can also choose whether you want to include or exclude remedial work from the report.

Quote Report Forecast

Using integrate to grow your business

integrate is designed to help you grow your window and door business by helping to improve productivity and efficiency, providing information instantly at a click of a button.

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