Accurately quote bespoke and arched joinery with integrate

Mar 17, 2022

Do you struggle to produce accurate drawings for bespoke and arched windows or doors?

Whether you are working on a period property with arched sash windows or a modern new build with a bespoke doorset, integrate allows you to quickly, easily and accurately draw and quote for bespoke joinery items.

Quoting bespoke joinery products

When quoting for bespoke windows or doors is important that you can provide an accurate price to not only reflect the price of the materials to create the window or door, but also the time spent to do the work.

arched window quotation software

You also want to produce a quote where the customer can easily see what the window or door will look like.  This allows your customers to know what they are getting and feel confident going ahead with you and placing an order.  One of our customers, Jeremy Murphy from KingsRock Joinery recently commented:

“I recently received a call from a customer to say how impressed they were with our attention to detail and with the way that we had presented our quotation. They had received a cheaper price from someone else but didn’t feel confident that the other company could supply what was required, due to their poorly presented quotation, so they decided to go ahead with us instead.

All our quotes are carefully prepared using EndtoEnd IT’s estimating software and we are delighted that the system is helping us to secure more orders.”

quoting for bespoke joinery items

integrate allows you to select bespoke designs and uses information from your price structure to automatically calculate an accurate cost for the work.

For example, when quoting for arched windows, you can tick a box confirming that the item has an arched head and then enter information such as the arch height, radius and shoulder height.  integrate will then draw the window for you with the drawing being included in the quotation that you send to the customer.

From quotation to manufacture

Once the order has been placed and the details have been confirmed, the information from your drawing board and quotation is then automatically transferred across to the manufacturing information and cutting lists.

This means that if you manufacture your own windows, you can quickly and easily see what materials you need and the design and measurements for each section of timber and glass.

By automatically transferring the information across in the system, the likelihood of mistakes being made due to human error is drastically reduced.

integratePRO joinery manufacturing software

The level of detail provided by integrate also means you can reduce wasted material by only ordering or cutting what you need, of vital importance with ever increasing material costs.

If you don’t manufacture your own windows or doors, integrate instead helps you to send accurate, detailed information across to your supplier to ensure that they are able to produce windows and doors exactly to the specification sold.

Manufacture to installation

For companies who install windows or doors, integrate’s integrateFIT module helps provide your fitter with all the information that they need to install the window or door.

From helping the installer identify where each item is located within the property, to providing information on parking and allowing installers to share pictures and information with colleagues not on site.

Window installation management software

Another one of our customers, Helen Barnes who is the Operations Manager at The Sash Window Workshop, commented:

“Since we started using integrateFIT it has become a lot easier to communicate with our installation team.  Everything we do is bespoke meaning that accuracy is incredibly important to our business.  The photo upload function means that our installers can easily show us a picture of any issues so we can rectify them as quickly as possible, keeping our customers happy.  The interface also allows us to share all the information the installers need about their jobs directly with them, saving office employees time, as they no longer need to print several pieces of paper that can easily get lost or misplaced.”

Find out more about integrate

To find out more about integrate and how our fenestration software can help your business, contact Gareth today on 01422 762 098 or book an online demo.

Alternatively, you can register for our next monthly webinar to find out more about some of the features of integrate, along with meeting some of our existing customers.

Our March 2022 webinar will be covering tips how you can save time using the integrateCRM (Customer Relationship Management) module, designed to help you keep track of and organise correspondence and new enquiries, and tips on using integrate’s drawing board feature.

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