Create Window Repair and Replacement Quotations with Ease

Nov 2, 2021

Did you know that our integrate software can be used to create both window and door replacement and repair quotations?

From day one, integrate has always been designed to offer you flexibility when producing quotes.  Whether you are looking to create a quote for complete new windows and doors, installing new window sashes or door leaves into existing frames, draught proofing or just changing sash cords, integrate can produce professional looking quotes to send to customers in minutes.

At EndtoEnd IT, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the software to help our customers effectively manage their window and door businesses.  We therefore are pleased to announce that we have also recently added the functionality within our integrateCORE module to produce quotes for both splice repairs and resin repairs.

We have also updated the quotation options so you can choose to display the work description either in an abbreviated style or as a more detailed description of the work that you have quoted.

Quotations that are easy for customers to understand

To make it even easier for your customers, surveyors and installers to understand what has been priced for, the window and door drawings within your quotation highlight replacement and repair sections differently.

Sections of the window or door that are being replaced will be shown in colour, whereas sections that are being repaired are shown in grey.

This helps reduce potential confusion further down the line, ensuring everyone know what work has been quoted for.

Automatically calculating the costs

With integrate, you don’t have to worry about calculating costs each time you produce a quote.  The system will automatically calculate the cost of any work that you are quoting for using your own unique pricing structure, which can be adjusted as required to suit your business.

If a customer is unsure whether they want new windows / doors or to have them repaired, you can quickly and easily produce multiple quotes for them to choose between, without having to redraw each item.  This can be done by copying a previous quote and then editing it, either applying specific changes to each item or generic changes across all items.

Comparison window quotation software

These quotes can then be sent across using a quote comparison email template, which includes both quotes along with a comparison grid within the email so customers can easily see the different options and how it affects the price of the item.

New quotation report options

We have also recently launched a new feature within integrate allowing you to create quotations without showing any prices.

This can be useful for when you need to share information on what work you are proposing with someone other than the customer and was a much-requested function by several of our existing customers.

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