Curious about software? Your window into the benefits of using integrate for your business

May 11, 2024

What sets you apart?

It’s the tough question top companies don’t shy away from, and at EndtoEnd, we’ll always answer this head-on.

We’re continually proud to place our integrate software front and centre as the standout solution for window and door manufacturers. From sales to sign-off, your processes are brought together in a package that puts you in control. Your life made easier.

Take a look at our recent post exploring the future of window and door software. We know bespoke and traditional manufacturing is best managed by a bespoke, industry-specific software package.

More and more companies are joining us, so we spoke to Jarrod Marchant, General Manager at Ventrolla Ltd – Sash Window Specialists, to see what makes us different.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.

Ventrolla Team pictured L-R Jarrod Marchant, Mollie Girling, Jen Gaunt, Rebecca Holmes, Brandon Taylor

Tell us about your business.

Think of traditional sash or beautiful timber framed windows that catch your eye and you won’t be far off what we love to work with.

At Ventrolla, we affectionately call ourselves ‘The 21st Century Traditionalists.’ With a 40-year history, we’re specialists in heritage window and door renovation and installation. We are known for preserving beautiful aesthetics and combining innovation to provide cutting-edge draught reduction, energy efficiency and functionality.

You can imagine, this is often very involved and intricate. But we love what we do and all the challenges that come with it.

How did you come to use integrate?

Well… that’s an interesting one and has a bit of a story behind it.

We first looked at EndtoEnd and integrate a while back. We use HubSpot for our CRM and thought we’d found a different interface solution that would link smoothly. After weighing up our options, we (regrettably) ended up choosing this alternative system for our quotations.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.

Ventrolla using integrate


You live and learn.

The first system was more of an ‘off the shelf’ option and it became clear it was lacking the functionality a company like ours needed. The example that comes to mind is solid glazing bars. The system we had chosen didn’t let us incorporate the flexibility and design detail manufacturers of traditional windows need. To top it off, our requests to adapt the software to meet this need seemed too much to ask.

Our learning led us back to integrate, and Gareth and the team at EndtoEnd –assured us they were different.

So, switching to integrate made a difference?

It was like chalk and cheese… or single and double glazing?!

Moving to integrate has been a game-changer for us. We’ve now got the software solution we were looking for. Integrate links smoothly with our HubSpot CRM, our quotations are sorted and invoicing follows suit. We’re able to monitor and control a job from design to production to installation. Processes are crystal clear for both us and our customers, which makes all the difference for our customer relationships.

Integrate is doing everything we wanted from the beginning.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.

Did you have any concerns?

A manufacturing company can’t afford production delays. Opportunity cost needs to be weighed up with something like a new software system, particularly if this involves moving from an existing system and not doing what you want – we’d already been through a big change and couldn’t afford more interruption.

Our worries were sorted out by the training EndtoEnd provided and the personal approach of Gareth and his team. With the previous system, we were left to train our staff on a system we were learning ourselves – not too pretty!

EndtoEnd were brilliant, supporting us by leading on-site and central training sessions.

Can you describe your experience of working with EndtoEnd?

We imagine and create beautiful windows. That’s the concept behind what we do. What we now understand is the engineers at integrate also understand what we do and have companies like us in mind. There’s a symmetry. The EndtoEnd team understands the fact companies manufacturing and renovating traditional windows need flexibility, key design functionality and responsiveness.

EndtoEnd are software specialists. We’re not. So, we’re continuing to see the value of a team that cares about making the system work for us. They’re responsive to our queries and they’ve worked with us when we need to tweak the interface to make it an even better fit. They feel like an extension of our team.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.

Would you recommend integrate?


If you manufacture more than ‘off the shelf’ windows and doors, you’re going to need something more than an ‘off the shelf’ software system.

I guess you might fall into two camps. Either you’re deciding to bring your systems into one place for the first time. Or, like we were, you’re wondering whether a software solution can fix the frustrations you’re experiencing.

Either way, we’re confident you’ll be as happy with integrate as we are.

Fancy another look? Take a read of our recent article about choosing the right software for your window and door business.

To discover more about integrate, get in touch today!