Existing Customer FAQs: ‘Your call means a lot to us…’

Jun 18, 2024

How often do you see special treatment or introductory offers for new customers? Lots.

But how often do you then find you’re no longer flavour of the month when you’ve parted with your cash and are left to fend for yourself?

It is maddening, and it isn’t how we work at EndtoEnd. Integrate is designed to grow with your business and the market.

It’s a transformative tool, which if used well, will continue to strengthen your business. We’re 100% committed to looking after you – our mission is to make sure you’re getting the most from the system.

We understand it’s not ‘one and done.’ You design beautiful windows and we design (‘beautiful’) software. Questions, dialogue and brilliant service bridges the gap between the two. The best companies value this process and see it as key to offering the best solutions to their customers.

So, here’s a selection of answers to questions you’ve asked us. As you read through, we’d encourage you to keep this question in mind…

‘Are we doing this or is it something to look into?’

Support: Quality software, quality service.

Do you provide ongoing support?

Yes. Our support team is ready to help with any queries.

You can either call our team on 01344 519 065 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am until 5pm) or send an email to

You can also setup a meeting online via our book a support call page and access our monthly webinar sessions.

We’re here and we’ve got your back.

Day-to-day use: You’re in control

Can I add new users?

Yes – you’re in control of this.

Admin users of the system can add and modify new users quickly from the user interface. This includes:

–       Generating passwords or assigning RFID tokens for ClockCard or production users.

–       Assigning users to a group matched to their role, meaning people only have access to parts of the system they need.

–       Quickly disabling an account if someone leaves.

So, I control what each of my users can access?

Absolutely.  You can set up and modify the permissions for different teams or users within your business.

Can you remind me about users and subscriptions?

User subscriptions are automated and monthly, so if a user doesn’t login there’s no charge. Users can also be members of several user groups without being charged twice.

Can I update prices?

Yes, we know prices aren’t static.

For parts such as timber hardware and glass, individual prices are held in the part list. You can easily update prices when a new price file is released and the new rates will then be applied to quotes.

And what about adding in new parts?

New parts can also be easily added to the parts list. They’re added to an existing published price file directly from your user interface, ready for use in quotations and designs.

Design and manufacture: Project and process tools.

Can the software tell me how long a window should take to make?

Yes, this is a lovely feature. The system has a production labour time area, where you setup labour times for your common processes. Integrate can then total these times and apply them to pricing and the production schedule.

To top it off… integrate also gives this breakdown by order.

Can the software tell me how long a window should take to fit?

Yes, this is a powerful tool. The integrate system has an installation labour time area. Just like with manufacture, you can set up labour times for common processes. Projected times are then calculated and applied to pricing and fitting reports in the installation module.

Can integrate stop users from designing certain window types?

Yes, this is important. The system has a validation system for both the drawing board and quotations. Integrate remembers the rules so you don’t have to.

There are ‘stock’ rules applicable to most companies, but you can design and implement your own rules too. After you define your processes, a message will flash up with an Error, Warning or Information if there’s an issue.

In practice, if an Error is detected, integrate won’t let a quote be generated, so problems will be stopped at source for you to rectify.

Can the software help my team avoid mistakes?

Yes, this is a great part of integrate. The system provides clear steps and a workflow to follow, meaning all important information is captured and mistakes avoided. What’s even better, you can upload images of the windows throughout the process, giving an additional check and balance at each stage.

So, what next?

Our experience tells us you may have been reminded of some features you’re not using fully. We’re here to help you make the most of the integrate software, so here are a couple of questions for you:

  • Are you attending our monthly webinars?

  • Would you benefit from a call or online meeting?

After this, take a look at our support page… then explore the system and have a go! You won’t break it – we promise!

Do you want to see some answers in action?

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Here’s an interview with one of our clients, Ventrolla – Sash Window Specialists.

To discover more about integrate, get in touch today!