How to increase productivity with integrate

Apr 6, 2021

Do you often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day?  When you run your own business or are part of a small team there is always something you can be working on, but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or burnt out.

Improving the efficiency of your joinery business

With a survey of manufacturers showing that over two thirds have accelerated their adoption of digital technologies as result of the Coronavirus pandemic (source), many businesses are noticing a strong correlation between digital technology and increased productivity.

However, when choosing to invest in technology it is important to ensure that you choose the right tools and systems that will directly help your business.

The right software should not only reduce the amount of time that you spend doing administrative jobs, but should also complement your business, allowing you to provide your customers with a better customer service while also freeing up your day to spend more time doing the things you enjoy!

Window company management software

Automate your processes

Do you struggle to keep track of what is going on with each customer?  Automating your process will allow you to ensure that all enquiries and jobs are easy to track down and review the latest updates.

Our integrateCRM module is fully integrated with Outlook and Google mail, calendar and contacts.  It means you can access your clients and their communications from any device.  Each enquiry or customer has an individual number for tracking dates, times, quotes for windows and doors, communication and orders.

EndtoEnd IT integrate software

Ensure that new technology is flexible to meet your needs

With an increasing number of employees working from home, you need a system where everyone can easily access the information that they need whether they are in the office, the workshop or at home.

In a world of uncertainty, flexibility is key.  You need to be versatile and adaptable to the current situation, whether that involves creating and sending across quotes on the go or having access to all the communication for a specific customer in one place.  You want joinery software that is designed to suit your needs, whether you are interested in manufacturing, installation or both.

If you’ve ever been delayed responding to customer queries or getting quotes out because you or the team are visiting sites or working from home, integrate can help.  You can access our software from anywhere in the world, using any device.

Our current clients have found this a game-changer in the new normal of remote working and it also means installers can clearly find addresses and check orders when on location.

Window installer software

Only pay for what you use

At the same time, you don’t want to be paying for something you won’t use.  For example, if another company installs your windows, you shouldn’t have to pay for the software which is used for the installation process.

EndtoEnd IT’s integrate software is designed to be flexible to your requirements, helping small and medium sized joinery businesses become more productive and cost effective.

One of our clients, Jeremy Murphy (Director of Kingsrock Joinery) commented:

“Since working with EndtoEnd I’m delighted to say we’ve been able to grow and therefore create more jobs. The technology frees up my time and makes the services we offer more professional.

My team and I are passionate about getting things right and the EndtoEnd IT software has allowed us to save time by preparing a comprehensive quotation that is easy to understand and very well presented which is key to our business.”

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