Keep track of employee holidays

Jul 27, 2021

Do you struggle to remember who is on holiday when?  Have you ever realised that you have approved holiday on the same days for multiple people in the same department, leaving you short staffed to run your business?

As your business grows, and you take on additional employees, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of who is on holiday when and how much holiday allowance each employee has remaining for the rest of the year.

But don’t despair.  You don’t have to spend your time searching through sheets of paper or scrolling through endless spreadsheets to keep track of holiday requests.

Helping you monitor and approve holiday requests

The holiday request feature, as part of EndtoEnd’s integrateCRM module, allows both employees and management to easily request and approve holidays.

Integrate tells you how much holiday you have already taken, what holiday has been approved and how much holiday you have remaining for the year, all at a click of a button.

integrate calendar booking holiday

To book additional holiday, employees simply select which days they would like to have off work, adding comments where necessary.  This request is then sent across to their line manager for approval.  Once their holiday has been approved by their manager, the employee is then notified.

For teams where a limited number of people can be on holiday at the same time, both the employee and management can simply tick a box to view how many other people in the same team have already had holiday requests approved for the same day.

If an employee moves to a different department within the company, this can quickly be reflected in their holiday management.  The team and line manager any given employee is assigned is taken from the details which are entered when creating a new user on integrate and can easily be changed as required.

integrate Calendar

Check who is working before you call

If you want to see at a quick glance everyone who is on holiday across the whole company for any given day or week, the calendar function provides straightforward and quick access to this information.  You simply need to navigate to the calendar and select ‘absence’ to see who is not working.

With an increasing number of people no longer office based, this function allows you to quickly check whether employees are off work and can also display other reasons for absence, such as paternity leave or sickness, allowing you to check they are working before calling them.

Keeping track of your customer visits

The calendar also allows you to easily keep track of who is doing what on any given day, allowing you to monitor what jobs are being installed when and what sales visits you or any of your team are doing.  You can also check when any survey and remedial visits are happening.

From an employee’s perspective, this enables them to see where they are on each day, helping them book appointments for nearby jobs at a similar time, reducing time that is spent traveling between different customer locations.

From a management perspective, this helps you see what your team is doing when and allows you the flexibility to immediately either see what the whole team have booked or a particular employee.

As everything is linked, changes are applied instantly and updated to reflect the individual’s own diary.  This means that employees no longer need to remember to update a central calendar.

Calendar employee holiday management

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