Learn How 5 Window and Door Software Updates Will Help Future-Proof Your Business

Oct 23, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of software, staying ahead is key to ensuring your business’s longevity.

Investing in window and door software for your business is a considered decision, you need to know it will fulfil your daily requirements and grow with you. Staying ahead is not just a nice to have; it’s a monthly reality.

Choosing to work with integrate gives you confidence on both counts. Not only can you add modules or users as your business grows, but our support doesn’t stop the minute you sign on the dotted line – we listen to our customers and every month we add updates to enhance, improve and add value to your system.

In this blog, we’ll highlight five of the most helpful updates from September and explore how they benefit you.

In September 2023 there were twenty updates to our window and door software (including syncing holiday calendars, very useful with the festive season approaching), but we thought we’d pick out the top five you might be interested in…

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.

1. Cill Shape Editor for Replacement Cills

Several of our clients refurbish sash windows as well as build completely new ones. Have you ever found yourself faced with the task of refurbishing sash windows in old buildings, often listed or located in conservation areas, where one size certainly does not fit all?

If so, you’ll appreciate our Cill Shape Editor.

This new feature allows you to compile a library of special cill sections, making it simple to select the exact shape you need right from the drawing board.

This update streamlines the replacement process, ensuring a perfect fit every time. No more struggling with ill-fitting cills.

2. Start Same Item on Multiple Terminals

What does this mean? Well, it means different team members can work on the same project at the same time.

Our Integrated PRO module is all about real-time tracking, ensuring you know what frames and sashes are being worked on, how long it takes – the entire process.

Now, with our September update, you can have several processes running simultaneously on multiple terminals. This development aligns barcode tracking seamlessly with your workflow, making sure different team members can work on the same frame or sash at the same time.

This update gives your window production process a major efficiency boost.

3. Managing Hardware Finishes Through User Interface

One of the hidden gems in our software is the Part List, a treasure trove of hardware components and their photos, as it is helpful for both the company and their customers.

As your business evolves however, so do your needs – your once beautiful and accurate part list can quickly become out of date.

In the past, adding new finishes like satin nickel required diving into the code, but not anymore!

Thanks to the September update, adding new finishes is now a breeze through the user interface.

This update is about giving you flexibility and adaptability – new parts can be quickly added to the existing price file, ensuring your hardware and finishes can go live in no time.

4. Sales and Survey Matrix

Details matter when you’re dealing with window specifications. Minor errors can cost your business a lot of time and money to correct. To combat this, we introduced the Quote Matrix within our software.

This matrix lays out the specification of every item, highlighting discrepancies that need immediate attention.

This update is about customisation and efficiency – you can now configure which specification details are shown in this grid so your company can focus on the key details which matter most to you.

5. Rule-Driven Drawing Board Editor

Our software already supports various design ranges, enabling you to draw a window and quote for a design in any range or material.

When you apply the range button the glass, material, paint and section details are all updated. Sometimes though, you need changes which don’t affect the entire range.

For example, paint choices might differ depending on whether the frame is being replaced or not. That’s where the rule editor comes in.

This update is about simplifying complex processes and ensuring accuracy. It allows you to create rules right from the user interface, automatically adjusting the details you need and meaning you don’t have to rely on your own memory!

We know as a window and door software company, you’d expect us at a minimum to stay on top of developments from an IT perspective, however, our updates are more than just software enhancements; they’re tools which empower your business to thrive and stay competitive.

❔ If you are already an EndtoEnd customer, you can find the latest updates in the release notes section, but we’ll continue to share the most helpful in a regular summary.

If you’re not yet an EndtoEnd customer and would like to see how some of these features work in the real world, contact us for a demo here.

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