Meet Alex Thomas: Our Newest Team Member at EndtoEnd IT

Jun 20, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce Alex Thomas, who joined the EndtoEnd IT team in March 2024. With a background in frontline support and a passion for both technology and history, Alex brings a unique and valuable perspective to our team.

Read on to get to know him better and find out what he brings to the EndtoEnd IT table!

Professional Background

After earning a PhD in Ancient History, Alex retrained in IT to align his deep analytical skills and love of problem-solving to take advantage of the opportunities in technology.

Alex worked at NatWest, before joining us, where he provided frontline support to internal users across the UK and beyond. By handling multiple user queries at once, he got lots of practice at using his methodical approach and strong multitasking skills.

Alex also holds CompTIA A+ and Network+ qualifications that are a perfect match for his new role as a Support Analyst at EndtoEnd IT.

We were pleased that Alex joined us in time to have fun with us on our recent team away day clay shooting!

Contributing to Our Mission

Alex plays a crucial role in our team focusing on new client implementation projects, user support, and development testing. His responsibilities include:

  • Providing online and phone-based system and customer support
  • Managing new client implementations
  • Testing new software developments
  • Handling general administration and logging support calls
  • Conducting regular server health and backup checks

Alex’s knack for quickly grasping new concepts is clear from his swift mastery of the terminology related to windows and different architectural styles, a testament to his passion for history and old buildings no doubt!

A Day in Alex’s Life at EndtoEnd IT

Alex’s work involves a mix of technical skills and people skills, helping customers with software issues, answering how-to queries, and training new users.

He finds satisfaction in seeing a customer request evolve into a fully developed feature through our rigorous testing process.

 “Seeing a new feature progress from being a customer request, through development and testing, to release is one of the things I enjoy most!”

Though still new, Alex has already found excitement in setting up our first overseas clients. He values the combination of technical challenges and customer interactions, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling work experience.

Beyond the Office

Living locally in Hebden Bridge, Alex enjoys exploring the countryside. In his spare time, Alex enjoys the beautiful scenery of the Calder Valley and exploring its many great pubs.

His love for the local area and its natural beauty complements his professional dedication, making him a well-rounded addition to our team.

We’re sure you’ll join us in welcoming Alex Thomas to EndtoEnd IT, where his diverse background, passion for learning, and commitment to excellence will support our mission of providing our clients with top-notch IT solutions and support.

To discover more about integrate, get in touch today!