New Customer FAQs: The ‘need to knows’ before committing to buying integrate.

Jun 14, 2024

Did you have a teacher at school who said, ‘no question is a stupid question?’ Or gave the reassurance, ‘if you’re asking it, lots of others will have thought it too?’

You wouldn’t buy a window you couldn’t see through. The point of the window is to be transparent, and this what we aim to be at EndtoEnd. From sales to sign off, we believe integrate is a transformative resource for door and window businesses. Our clients agree. But as a new customer, you need to reach this point too. And before you invest money in software, you’re going to want to cover off some bases.

So, what answers do you need before committing? Well, here are some questions to help you with your decision-making. Remember, if you’re asking it…

Software fundamentals: Working for your business

Do I need to install any additional software to use integrate?

No, integrate is hosted in the cloud, meaning it can be accessed anywhere with internet access. It’s just a case of going to your company’s weblink and using your login details.

Can I access integrate remotely or on site?

Yes, integrate is web-based software, so as long as you have internet access you can use it. Many of our customers use their iPad for on-site quotes as you can capture and upload photos live, linking the project with integrate right from the get-go.

Can we have multiple users?

Of course. The integrate software facilitates so many of your business processes, we’ve made sure multiple people can contribute to each project. But if there’s only one user, that’s absolutely no problem.

Can integrate link to our accounting software?

Integrate currently links to Xero accounting software, meaning invoices include contact and quote details you’ve recorded. And… let’s not forget, integrate fully connects with your CRM and fully syncs your design and manufacturing phases! There are several other popular software that work with integrate too – most recently, HubSpot.

Are quotes and customer information I create on integrate confidential?

Yes. Absolutely. Secure. Compliant.

Only your users can access information on your database.  To prevent unauthorised access, data is stored on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which is encrypted using encryption-at-rest technology.

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Soft spot for software?

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Making the move: Is integrate the right fit?

How quickly can we start using the system once we’ve signed up?

Full functionality will depend on the features you purchase. But we know there can’t be delays in your processes – we’ll make sure there won’t be.

Your CRM can be used from day one.  With other parts, such as the drawing board and specific pricing, we’ll work with you to input business-specific details. No two businesses approach pricing and manufacturing in the same way. Our customers choose us because we’re more than an ‘off the shelf’ solution – it’s worth taking a little time to tailor the system to fully meet your needs.

‘Measure twice, cut once.’

Do you provide training?

Yes, and we love answering this question. Clients tell us our training and support sets us apart from the rest.

You’ll receive initial training showing you how to use each integrate module.  We also offer monthly webinar sessions to introduce new features and share reminders about how to get the best out of the system. And crucially… we’re contactable and will remain part of your back-up team.

What window products and designs does integrate support?

Customers join us because integrate does specific things other software can’t.

Your integrate package will support a wide range of products, including sash windows, fixed windows, casement windows, front doors, French doors, bi-fold doors and sliding doors.  They don’t have to be square either… we can support arched windows and raked frames.

The software even allows you to price for partial replacement and repair work. For example, how would your existing software deal with new sashes to existing frames, with replacement sill and frame repairs? With integrate you’d be fine.

Bespoke jobs need bespoke software.

Is there a limit to the number of leads or files I can store on integrate?

There are no restrictions on the number of leads or files you can create on integrate.  We also don’t want you committing to more than you need, so we support different storage packages. As you grow, we’re able to offer you the option of upgrading to more storage.

Small print made big: What’s it really like working with EndtoEnd?

What is your cancellation policy?

Our standard contract is 12 months and it renews each year unless cancelled.  To cancel we ask for a minimum notice of 90 days if you do not wish to renew your subscription at the end of the current contract.

How long do I have to sign up for?

Our minimum subscription term is 1 year.

So, what next?

The beauty of a tailored software solution is the quality service to go with it. So, if you’ve got more questions or want to talk about buying the integrate software, please get in touch with us.

Is it time for you to move your business forward with the integrate software?

Do you want to see some answers in action?

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To discover more about integrate, get in touch today!