Opening doors: how integrate helped secure trust from Transport for London

Feb 27, 2024

We’re proud of our software, we know it works to help people daily and makes the lives of window and door business owners easier. But we’re most proud of what these businesses then go on to achieve.

Recently we spoke to the founder of KingsRock Joinery, Jeremy Murphy, about their exciting project with Transport for London (TFL).

Tell us about your business.

KingsRock Joinery is now in its 6th year and things are going very well. From humble beginnings where we manufactured anything our customers asked us to do, we have developed into a company that can take on virtually any size project supplying our high quality fully tested Timber Windows, Doors and associated joinery. Our can-do attitude is at the forefront of our minds when we engage with clients.

The company now focuses on high-quality residential, commercial and conservation projects, specialising in work for historical buildings across the UK. We have projects in Manchester, Wigan, Macclesfield, Portsmouth, Gloucestershire, London and the South East

Much of the work we do has to be both aesthetically pleasing, sympathetic to the building it serves, but also high performing – these projects are usually not a quick refit and require some incredibly detailed calculations to achieve the right result.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.

How did you find integrate?

The business initially relied on my personal connections but quickly began to grow, and I needed to think about all the elements which were going to help the business. At the time, we lacked suitable software to present quotes professionally. Joinerysoft, the company software I used previously, was functional but a bit old-fashioned so I wanted something a bit more modern that was cloud based.

Enter Gareth from EndtoEnd It Ltd. His call came in the early days of end-to-end, and the prospect of using his cutting-edge technology intrigued me. We were sceptical, but a demo later, we were hooked. Integrate offered a solution to our woes – it allowed us to present quotes which were not just functional but attractive. However, the decision to adopt it wasn’t immediate. Financial considerations led to a year of contemplation!

Fast forward to the day we implemented integrate – our quotes became both uniform and visually appealing. Clients were drawn to the concise and detailed presentations, which helped to foster trust early in the process. This transformation, coupled with the functionality of Integrate, fuelled the growth of KingsRock Joinery, even during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tell us about the TFL Project

About two and a half years ago, a client invited us to bid on a project, and research led us to an exciting opportunity at Liverpool Street Station in London. The competition was fierce, but our instincts told us we could deliver on this opportunity.

We did our takeoffs from an architect’s drawing and then used it to present to the client. We put in the legwork, creating detailed drawings and schedules using Integrate, making a point of doing a window schedule etc. For the Liverpool Street Station project, we supplied 90 No high-performance windows, including traditional Sliding Sash and flush casement styles. The windows were fitted with Vacuum Glass, resulting in an impressive centre pane U Value of 0.4W/m2k and an overall U Value of 1.1W/m2k. Additionally, all windows are meticulously painted with Teknos paint in RAL9010. By paying attention to the detail when we quoted, we were not quoting the wrong job, we were displaying our technical understanding of their requirements.

A long wait followed, and the call finally came – we had secured the Liverpool Street Station contract! It was a significant achievement, considering the prestigious nature of the project. What struck me was the feedback – the client appreciated the effort we put into presenting our understanding of the project using integrate. It was more than just a quote; it was a comprehensive and visually appealing representation of what we could deliver, with lots of detail, timescales and so on.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.

Where are you now?

The success at Liverpool Street Station opened doors to more opportunities. Invitations to bid on projects at Paddington Station and beyond came in, and each time, integrate played a crucial role in creating quotes which stood out but also demonstrated our technical understanding of the requirements.

I can’t emphasize enough the power of detail in managing client expectations. At KingsRock Joinery, we pride ourselves on being innovative problem solvers. Constantly pushing boundaries, we actively seek new products globally to ensure our offerings remain cutting-edge. Integrate not only streamlined the quoting process for us behind the scenes, but also helped set realistic expectations for clients who may not be experts in the field. It’s a tool which goes beyond functionality – it’s a game-changer in building trust and winning contracts.

As we continue to grow and expand our portfolio, the impact of upcoming projects, such as the one at Liverpool Street Station, is promising. Integrate’s role will be a key factor in capturing the attention of potential clients. As we forge ahead, I envision our success story intertwined with the efficiency and impact of Integrate inspiring other window and door companies facing similar challenges.

Would you recommend integrate to other businesses?


I hope our success story, intertwined with the efficiency and impact of Integrate, serves as an inspiring case study for window and door companies navigating the challenges of the industry. I firmly believe in the old adage ‘people buy from people’ and that’s one of the reasons I think integrate is so good.

Integrate gives our clients a bigger and better picture of who we are and how we can help them, and from an operational perspective the user-friendly interface and reliable customer support are invaluable. Gareth’s there, Miklos is there, Levi’s there – anyone I ring, they’re really, really helpful!

The confidence in the software is literally, for me, I would have said 100%. You’ve got to put the work in yourselves, but if you’re looking for software to support your business and give you the best first impression, you can’t go wrong.

If you would like to know more about how integrate could help your business please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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