Unlocking Opportunities: The Evolving Future of Window and Door Software

Jan 15, 2024

The arrival of a New Year tends to bring reflection and prediction – what have we achieved, what have we yet to do, what does the future hold?

EndtoEndIT don’t sell off the shelf software solutions and leave you to it, we’re constantly creating new capabilities and functions of integrate so it grows with your business and remains current.

What does this mean to people who don’t speak fluent tech? It means we don’t just roll out ‘bug fixes’, we actively respond to requests from customers, and research future trends to evolve ahead of the curve – no one wants to invest in a software to find it almost defunct within 18 months, and we don’t play the Apple game of making you buy the latest version to enjoy it either.

To show what we mean, here are some of 2023’s new integrate highlights, and a look into the future too…


New for 2023 is the integration to the ever-popular HubSpot. Recognising that some customers value the intuitive style of HubSpot we’ve developed a Connector app which you can plug into your HubSpot sales module.

This connection allows you to sync leads, quotes and order details with the integrateCRM module – connecting up your sales process without the need for duplication or repetition.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.


We’ve had several updates in our integrateCORE which have proved to be helpful to customers this year. The one’s we’ve had most feedback about are:

  • DrawingBoard now includes Trickle vent positioning

Trickle vents can now be shown on drawings (on both internal and external views). Vents can be added to frame head, sash head or transoms and the diagrams are also scaled to the size of the vent specified.

The system will also check for you that the number of vents shown on your drawings match the quantity listed in the hardware details for that item.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.
  • New parts without releasing a new price file

You can now add new parts to your part list and existing price file without having to release a new price file. This means you can add some additional parts and choose to add to a live price file making this whole process much easier.

The pick list summary page is also configurable, which means you can select the information you want to see, including supplier notes.

  • Price breakdown of ALL items

We’ve added a new function so your Price breakdown can not only show the job costing information for each item, but for all items on the order. This means if your company uses cost plus pricing you can review all the costs allowed for any quote – the details are shown in a new window and can even be exported as a CSV if you want to analyse further.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.
  • New tablet interface.

If you’ve previously quoted on site using an iPad or other devices, and lost work by moving away from the drawing board without remembering to save, worry not!

If you navigate away from the drawing board screen without saving, the new interface will now check for you and prevent your work from being lost. We’ve also refreshed the visibility of menus and navigation on the drawing board to make it even more user friendly.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.


For integrateFIT we’ve been working on a new Installation Board view.

We found customers wanted to see installers and/or their teams against dates for better planning and visibility, so we have arranged the board in this way. This means you can easily highlight gaps in your schedule, allowing you to serve your own customers better and avoid clashes.

You can also add jobs, edit existing jobs and filter by installer all from the installation board view giving you a comprehensive overview in one place.

A table describing the 20 updates made to integrate, a window and door software.

So what does the future look like? 

While updates from 2023 are useful, we’re sure you want to know what else we’ve got planned. 

As technology inevitably moves it is important to stay ahead of new developments and futureproof the product. In the background in 2023 we completed the first phase of an important change to our data infrastructure, and now we’re working on the next phase which, once completed, will bring several benefits including: 

  • Improved application performance 
  • Robust and easily to managed infrastructure 
  • Increased system data security 

Infrastructure provides the foundation for a system that works seamlessly, but it is important to us it feels easy to use. We therefore have user interface changes (UI) planned this year to make the integrate system as easy and intuitive for you to navigate – we want you to enjoy using our software and get your job done as efficiently as possible.  

Finally, as always, based on customer requests we have some exciting new developments planned. For example, building on the work we have done for trickle vent diagram positions mentioned above we’ll be adding position images for door and window hardware such as handles and letterplates. 

If you’re a customer and there’s something which would make your life easier, do let us know. Don’t forget also you can keep up to date with the latest features by joining our monthly webinars hosted by Gareth and Levi. 

If you’re not a customer yet and would like to explore how integrate could help your business future proof its systems through evolving technology, drop Gareth a line or book a free demonstration here.

To discover more about integrate, get in touch today!