Use integrate’s InfoHub to easily share documents and images with customers

Feb 1, 2022

Do you find yourself struggling to locate a document or images to share with a customer? Do you ever find yourself messaging colleagues to obtain proof of certificates so you can send them to clients?

integrate’s InfoHub provides a central location to store all your document and images, so you never have to spend time tracking things down again. You can even select who in your business has permission to upload documents and images to help ensure that integrate’s InfoHub is kept tidy and organised how you want it.

Documents section

The document section provides a central place to store, access and share any pdf documents, with the option to create separate tabs for different types of documentation meaning that everything is easy to find.

It allows you to keep anything from brochures and marketing materials to certificates and technical documents, so anyone in your company can access them at a click of a button.

There is also no limit on the number of documents you can upload, meaning that you can upload as many or as few documents as you need to run your business.

integrate joinery image share

Image section

The images section allows you to upload a folder of images directly to integrate, providing quick and easy access to photos of past work, samples, ironmongery and anything else that you may want to share with the customer.

It is simply a case of clicking a button to upload a folder to integrate and you can even upload a folder with multiple sub-folders to help you easily sort the images.

Attaching ironmongery images to quotes

Images of ironmongery, glass, and draught seal materials can also be uploaded to integrate and assigned against the specific part on integrate.

This allows you to quickly select to attach these images to any quotation so the customer can see exactly what they have been quoted for, meaning that there is never a risk of the customer misunderstanding what ironmongery design or finish they are getting.

InfoHub document search function

InfoHub search function

Both the documents and the images section of integrate’s InfoHub are searchable, meaning that you can instantly find what you are looking for.

When uploading a document, in addition to the document title, you can enter relevant keywords that you would like the document to be found for helping ensure that the search function always provides you with what you need.

The images are searchable under the name of the image. This is automatically created from the image file name when uploading them to integrate. With files names allowed to be up to 150 characters, you can add key search terms to the name to help you find the right image(s) instantly.

This means that if you are on site with a customer and want to show them an example of a window with frosted glass, you can search the word ‘frosted’ to bring up all the images with ‘frosted’ in the title, ensuring that you instantly find exactly what you need.

integrate email template attaching documents

Adding documents and images to emails

integrate’s InfoHub also allows you to easily attach images and documents to straight into emails, including email templates.  This means that anyone in the business can share any documents or images with customers, without spending precious time trying to locate them.

When creating email templates in integrate you can also attach documents, such as the company brochure, meaning that it is just a case of double checking the email and pressing send, saving you time from rewriting the email and attaching the document for every customer.

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InfoHub is just one of the many benefits of integrate, which is designed to help improve the efficiency of your window business.

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