Bulk editing material between plastic timber and aluminium on a quote in EndtoEnd IT's integrate software

Quoting across multiple materials and ranges

Jun 7, 2023

Do you quote for windows and doors across multiple materials or ranges?  EndtoEnd IT’s integrate software allows you to easily create quotes for different materials and ranges using one system.

Although the software was originally primarily used by joinery companies, integrate has continued to evolve and develop, meaning that today you can use integrate to quote for multiple materials, including aluminium, plastic, and composite.

Different colour for materials integrateCORE

Producing alternative quotes using different materials

For customers that would like comparison quotes using different materials, integrate allows you to quickly copy an existing quote.  From this you can then edit the material for all the items at the same time in the new quote at a click of a button.

If you are sending across both quotations in the same email, integrate allows you to select multiple quotes and send them to the customer using an editable email template.

The comparison template can display the price comparison for each item and the differences in the total costs for each quotation in a simple table format.  This means that customers can clearly see the cost differences between the two or more quotations.

Different colour for different materials in integrate quotation software

Easily identify the material quoted for

You can also create quotes for with a mixture of materials on the same quotation.  For example, if a customer wanted wooden windows at the front of the property with plastic windows at the back, this can be put together on one single quotation for the customer.

Different materials have different colours on the quotation to allow customers to quickly and easily identify which items are using what materials.

You can choose any RGB colour to represent a material, but we normally suggest using a brown colour for timber, grey for aluminium, and an off-white for plastic.  If you manufacture or install composite windows and doors, we can also provide an option to allow you to quote for these.

Selecting range integrateCORE quotation software

Multiple ranges for quoting

If your company has multiple ranges of different products, integrate can allow for various ranges to be configured.  This can be useful if you have a separate range for different types of customers, for example between new builds and renovations.

The range feature also allows you to create an option for your sales team to quote for secondary glazing.

The range name is then used in the title of the item in the pdf quotation and schedule of work, ensuring that it is clear exactly what has been quoted or sold.

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