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Reduce manufacturing costs and lead times with integrate

Sep 5, 2022

Do you own a timber window manufacturing company?  Would you like to improve the profitability and efficiency of your business by reducing manufacturing costs, the risk of mistakes and keeping lead times to a minimum for your customers?  If the answer to these questions is yes, EndtoEnd IT can help.

Our software, integrate, was designed to help window companies improve the profitably and efficiency of their business.  For those who manufacture windows and doors, integrate offers various features to help reduce manufacturing costs, in addition to keeping manufacturing lead times to a minimum.

Production manufacturing details screenshot

Source materials as soon as the order is placed

integrate allows you to reduce manufacturing lead times, allowing you to turn around jobs as quickly as possible to improve profitability.  With lead times for items, such as glass, continuing to increase, it is important to order materials as soon as possible once your customer has placed an order.

Once the order has been processed, integrate allows you to automatically generate a material list from the drawings.  This includes everything that you need to manufacture the windows or doors that have been quoted, including ironmongery and glass.

The sooner you order the materials, the sooner they will arrive, enabling you to reduce lead times.  By automatically generating the material list from the drawings, you reduce the risk of materials being missed when ordering what you require for a job and risk this holding the job up in production.

This also helps you keep an eye on rising costs as you can purchase the materials as soon as the order comes in, rather than risking cost increases between when the order is placed and when you order the materials.

Window manufacturing cutting list

Producing sectional details

When an order is placed on integrate, you can also automatically generate information sheets showing the sectional details required for each of the windows or doors.

This allows you to see exactly what sections of timber are required, meaning you can purchase timber to meet these specifications and ensure that timber is used efficiently to make the most out of each cut of wood.

This results in less wastage, which is increasingly important with timber prices continuing to rise.  By reducing wastage, you can purchase less timber for each job helping reduce manufacturing costs.

integratePRO Joinery Software

Using integratePRO to improve manufacturing productivity

integratePRO is a specialist module within integrate covering the manufacturing process for timber windows and doors.  It covers everything from displaying information about the work that needs doing on Wi-Fi terminals to help reduce paper, to scheduling and tracking items as they move through the manufacturing workshop.

integratePRO allows you to easily see where jobs are being held up so you can spot the obstacles in the manufacturing process that you need to overcome to improve efficiency.

It also prevents issues arising from pieces of paper being misplaced or customers changing things, such as the paint colour, between paperwork being printed and delivered to production.  This is because the Wi-Fi terminals allow production staff to scan and bring up the latest information on the windows or doors that need making.

To find out more about how integrate can help improve efficiency and reduce the manufacturing costs for your window business, contact us today on 01422 762 098 or book a demo online.

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