Our customers love INTEGRATE

Designed by window experts specifically for window and door companies, we believe that integrate is the best software to help you manage and grow your window company. But don’t just take our word for it! Below are some reviews from a selection of our very happy customers…

“Since working with EndtoEnd I’m delighted to say we’ve been able to grow and therefore create more jobs. The technology frees up my time and makes the services we offer more professional. You’re not just buying a software package “off the peg” then left to get on with it, you also have a team of IT experts supporting you, we can contact them about how the system might help with problems in our business and their response is always really positive.

Having used other software, I can say nothing compares to EndtoEnd. The team are always very helpful and calm. If I have a question, I can call them and get help no problem.

My team and I are passionate about getting things right and the EndtoEnd IT software has allowed us to save time by preparing a comprehensive quotation that is easy to understand and very well presented which is key to our business.

Our customers have commented that our quotes look better than other companies quotes… and over the past month we’ve priced £750,000 worth of enquiries on EndtoEnd’s integrate.”

Jeremy Murphy

KingsRock Joinery Ltd

“This software is unique… it represents the future of timber windows manufacturing and installation. EndtoEnd have saved us at least three full-time equivalent positions over the last five years while supporting increases in capacity across the business.”

Richard Dollar

The Sash Window Workshop

“integrate has reduced the number of costly mistakes made, while helping us achieve more sales.

Since using integrate, our customers are impressed with the layout and quality of the presentation of our quotes.”

Dean Goldman

Sash Restorations Limited

“EndtoEnd IT’s integratePRO module has made a big difference to the day-to-day management and the efficiency of the production department.  The ability to track any job at a click of a button, as well as allowing production employees to quickly scan and bring up window or door specifications for any job on their Wi-Fi terminal, not only saves printing out endless pieces of paper, but also improves accuracy and saves time.

It also gives the ability to see workload, by week, department and sub process, thus enabling management to identify bottle necks and act accordingly, making sure that The Sash Window Workshop maintain the high levels of customer service expected by customers.”

Peter Smith

Consultant to The Sash Window Workshop

“The system helps us all stay on top of things and maintain the professionalism that has got us to where we are today – the task manager means every job is broken down into a series of tasks for each team member and helps everyone stay productive.

When we first started using EndtoEnd software there were only two of us in the office. The introduction of the new software made it feel as though we had a third member of the team!  However, this in turn means we’ve created jobs as we could be more efficient and profitable – there’s now four of us in the office but it feels like more as we’re all using the software.

It’s great to be able to choose who has access to which parts of the system. For example, myself and the business’ Director have access to everything, but the Sales team only require access to the survey element. We’ve found it so useful we are now in the process of buying tablets so installers can use the system too.

EndtoEnd have eliminated the need for constant scanning and filing of paperwork and eliminated the possibility of any mistakes being made. We didn’t have many previously but the confidence it’s given us means we can focus on growing our business.”

Jake North

SJB Sash Windows Specialist

“As an early adopter of integrate, we are impressed with the impact it is already having on our business. It’s amazing to have access to all information and resources in one place and leaves me time to manage the business rather than multiple spreadsheets.

Having all customer communication in one place means that we can see that issues have been dealt with. The necessity to “CC” people on emails has been greatly reduced, freeing up people’s time.

Implementation of integrate has led to improvements in the sales process. Quotes are now received and issued within four hours. Something that could have taken six or seven days previously.

Customers can now see what the deposit amount is straight away and pay. Previously they had to wait until contract paperwork was drawn up. This saves everybody time as well as helping cashflow of the business.

Credit control has also been helped greatly as it is now clear for anybody looking at an account when invoices have been sent, what communication there has been and what had been agreed previously regarding payment.”

Andrew Madge


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