Tips for your messaging, branding and working with your happy customers

Nov 1, 2020

We have put together five key marketing areas to focus on to ensure you are actively marketing your business and increasing enquiries. In part 2 we look at working on your messaging, branding and working with your happy customers

Avoid sounding like an advert

Customers do not care how great the glass in your windows is or how many colours you can make.  They care about themselves and their property.  Therefore, its crucial to focus on the concerns you know your potential customers have and how you address them.

For example, they may be anxious about the tactics your company may use to sell your products. Just this month two large window companies were in the news accused of advertising misleading offers and selling an inappropriate loan.

To help address this fear if people can get a quote from you without visiting in person, create a social media post about this or tell people when they ring up. It will make you sound more approachable and friendly.

EndtoEnd IT quotation software

On social media and in marketing material show people examples of the quotes you provide – demonstrating how easy the process is from the point of enquiry. Remember, if this area of your business isn’t very efficient or customer–friendly, then no amount of marketing will win over the customer so you may want to think about changing how you quote before investing time in promotion. This is something we can help with:

“Prior to using EndtoEnd we would send customers quotes only to receive feedback with a lot of questions, or customers simply wouldn’t understand it…customers now receive a really good schedule of works with easy to understand designs that are nicely presented.”
Jeremy, KingsRock Joinery

Never underestimate the importance of branding

Branding is so important, especially when the customer has so much choice. Your company needs to be the first that comes to mind when a potential customer is considering who to contact for new windows and doors.

This is achieved by being consistent in all your communication – from ensuring your logo is present across all aspects of your business to how you communicate via phone and email.

Our software allows you to set up email templates so each member of staff sends consistent messages without lots of copy and pasting of text. Quotes can be personalised to include your logo, colours plus other details and by accessing everything within our cloud-based system staff will look professional on site as they won’t be arriving with notebooks or bits of paper.

If you’re using our integratePRO module you’ll find you have more time to focus on details like branding and marketing because your production tracking and stock forecasting will be managed automatically. Put simply, this means you have more time to focus on business development.

EndtoEnd IT manufacturing software

Get happy customers to work for you

Despite all the technology at our disposal today, nothing is as effective as word of mouth for sales. When you’ve completed a job ask customers, whether residential or trade, to leave a review on your Facebook page and to tell their friends. You could even offer referral incentives – for example offering vouchers for other local businesses when previous customers are mentioned during new enquiries. Again, our email template system can add these requests to a ‘sign off’ email so every customer is encouraged to leave a testimonial.

With our powerful parametric window designer you’ll have plenty of happy customers. Just look at this door that was created by client Sashed using EndtoEnd IT software – the customer gave a glowing testimonial that is now pinned to the companies Facebook page for future customers to see.

Timber door installation software
Photo by Sashed Limited

Whether you adopt all the tips listed here or just a few, we’d love to hear from you if you found this useful, please leave a comment on our Facebook page . If you’re interested in some of the ways that our software can help with your marketing and efficiency then contact us or book a demo here.







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